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For all of these complaints

You are planning a lot of things…..

Don’t you have any more topics or impactful stories?

Our products have been exposed on the web……

Are they directed to users who really need them?

We are sending our products’ features…..

Are we getting the core message right?

We are explaining it all at once….

The visiting group that just toured, will they be repeat visitors?

We can help you resolve such complaints 🔶Service List

Marketing Strategy Support


Assistance in the study of marketing strategies (target setting, approach route study, IT technology and promotion collaboration, etc.) based on the client’s product characteristics.
*【Example】(1)Gathering information necessary for the creation of product proposals and providing material on assumed issues and their countermeasures for consideration(2)Assistance in reviewing candidates for IT technology and promotional collaboration(3)Pre-coordination and specific introduction of potential collaboration partners with the client, and necessary follow-up

Marketing Practical Support


Practical support for various tasks that occur in the client’s marketing process (from product planning to monetization).
*【Example】(1) Research work prior to planning and execution of each process (2) Support for negotiating contract terms with potential partner companies (3) Drafting of various documents (explanatory documents, proposals, etc.) required for each process(4) Sales support to end-users (VoC collection work through end-user support)

Various PR wording support


We will assist our clients in writing various PR messages to end users or provide English translation of such messages.                     *【Example】(1) Wordings of various PR documents (websites, catalogs, etc.) or their translation from Japanese to English. 2) Wording support for various documents (instructions, proposals, specifications, contracts, etc.) created in each marketing process, or their translation from Japanese to English.

Assistance in dealing with foreign visitors to Japan


Support for F2F direct response to foreign visitors to Japan.
*【example】(1) Preparation in advance of inbound inspection tours to customers’ manufacturing processes (preparation of English versions of instruction manuals and other materials) (2) English support for explanations on the day of the inspection tour. (3) Support for hospitality before and after the inspection tour (English support for meals and guided tours of sightseeing spots) (4) Support for explanations for inbound visitors at booths at various exhibitions (English support in advance or on the day of the tour)

Our price system🔶Simple & reasonable price

Step 1

There is no charge for initial consultation, exchange of opinions, or referrals before considering commissioned work.
Please feel free to contact us using the form below. We will keep your information strictly confidential.

Step 2

We will provide an estimate on a case-by-case basis according to the specific marketing support services.
Basically, we can provide a quote for either an “hourly engagement type” or a “contracted deliverable creation type,” but we can also provide other types of quotes depending on the client’s needs.

Step 3

We will ask you to settle the amount sequentially after the completion of each work according to the conditions of your order. 
*Detailed conditions will be set separately according to the customer’s requirements.
*We can also provide short-term or limited-purpose trial work for the first time.

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