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Please use in the following cases

This blog provides information for busy people who are engaged in their core business (research, development, sales, service, staff work, etc.) on the corporate front, but who also need to think about non-specialized marketing tasks, especially monetization and business models, in order to keep their core business running smoothly.

We hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities.

  • When preparing proposals (especially when considering targets and methods)
  • When explaining to executives (especially for important approval requests)
  • When preparing explanatory materials for internal and external use (especially when time is short)
  • When discussing at internal meetings (especially when persuasion is necessary)
  • When making a proposal or negotiating with a client (especially when you feel outnumbered)
  • During an external presentation (especially when QA seems to be troublesome)
  • When you anticipate a deterioration in earnings (especially when the cause is unclear)
  • When you cannot see the measures to improve profitability (especially when you feel pressure from your superior)
  • When analyzing competitors’ movements (especially when they are ahead of you)

We will provide the following information in an easy-to-understand way

In this blog, I hope to summarize and organize the following information, starting with those that seem to have more in common, and clarify my own takeaways, but I will also make revisions as I go along based on your comments and reflections. That said, there may be some topics that are completely unrelated, so please feel free to drop by depending on your level of interest.

  • Market data (especially historical data to read the latest & trends)
  • Industry topics (especially keywords)
  • Marketing information related to IT (especially trends you can’t miss)
  • Traditional marketing techniques & theories (especially universally applicable ones)
  • Internal and external negotiation process or know-how information (especially from promotion and risk perspectives)
  • Specific company case studies (especially symbolic successes or failures)
  • Introduction of databases, web information, books, etc. related to the above (not just introductions, but also points that can be used)

Blog Editor ☛Gold🔶 is a person like this

  • Longstanding sales and marketing experience at a major IT company (since the dawn of the PC era).
  • Focused on monetization activities amidst the changing roles of IT technologies (PC, cloud, cell phones, smartphones, embedded licenses, cloud subscriptions, etc.)
  • Experienced first-hand the difficulties of monetization after the full commercialization of the Internet in 1995. As it became easier for anyone to appeal to the world, the number of entrants increased and the number of points of contact (collaboration or competition) with global companies also increased.
  • Negotiated and concluded many collaboration contracts with major companies (carriers, set manufacturers, game companies, etc.) in Japan, the U.S., China, and Korea.
  • Worked as an English interpreter and guide in Japan, promoting Japanese culture to native speakers (with emphasis on warding).
  • Currently supporting the owner of this Blog’s workshop.